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Welcome to AMPIRE
Our team does not only develop a piece of LCM for you. We communicate to our customers with enthusiasms and sincerities in developing their applications with right solutions of good quality. We want to assist our customers to do the right thing at the first time.
atest News
arrow 2014/06/26
format of notification for AM-800480L series DC_DC (IC) changing.pdf.....
arrow 2014/06/24
notification for 320240N TOUCH PANEL material changing(1793225304).pdf.....
arrow 2014/06/16
AM24032X1 EOL letter.pdf.....
arrow 2014/04/22
notification for 640480G2 FPC material changing.pdf.....
arrow 2014/02/13
notification for AM-800600M Gate IC alternative IC.....
arrow 2014/02/12
notification for AM800480S and AM800480R TP material changing-2014-2-12.....
arrow 2014/02/07
we are attending Design West 2014 at San Jose, California in McEnery Convent Center between March 31-April 3,2014......
arrow 2014/02/07
Welcome to our stand 278 in hall 1.....
arrow 2013/12/29
notification for AM-320240L FPC material changing.....
arrow 2013/12/04
Notification for 10'1 inch CAP touch material changing.....
arrow 2013/11/29
format of notification for AM-640480G2TMQW-U0H PCB component changing.....
arrow 2013/11/29
640480G2-TU0H+LDO 改版溫度測試.....
arrow 2013/11/29
format of notification for AM-800480R2TMQW-U0H PCB component changing.....
arrow 2013/11/29
800480R2-TU0H+LDO 改版溫度測試.....
arrow 2013/11/29
800600C4-TU0H+LDO 改版溫度測試.....
arrow 2013/11/28
product notification of WVGA 4.3 inches and WVGA 3.5 inches......
arrow 2013/11/07
IC EOL letter-AM320240U series.....
arrow 2013/10/31
Notification for 7 inch CAP touch material changing.....
arrow 2013/10/18
format of notification for 1024600K and 1024600K2 material changing.....
arrow 2013/07/03
AM800600M series notice.....
arrow 2013/05/17
AM800600P series product notice.....
arrow 2013/04/24
AM-800480L series inductor material changing......
arrow 2013/03/28
AM-800480RB FPC material changing......
arrow 2013/03/12
AM-240320M7 FPC material changing......
arrow 2013/02/19
AM-320240L4-T and L9 Touch panel series material changing......
arrow 2013/01/07
AM-320240N6Q-02-W series FPC material changing......
arrow 2013/01/07
AM-320240N Rev.C series FPC material changing......
arrow 2012/11/04
AM-320240L4 series FPC material changing......
arrow 2012/10/18
AM-640480G2 Backlight material changing......
arrow 2012/09/04
AM-480272H2 FPC material changing.....
arrow 2012/09/04
AM-320240L2 FPC material changing.....
arrow 2012/08/28
AT320240Q4/Q5/Q6 series-changing LED dice of B/L......
arrow 2012/08/16
2012 electronica Visit us ! Hall A3, Booth 351. 13-16 November.....
arrow 2012/05/10
EPSON IC EOL notification.....
arrow 2012/04/09
AM176220N1/C Product notification.....
arrow 2012/04/09
10.1 Product EOL notification.....
arrow 2012/04/09
Welcome to our stand 507 in hall 4A.....
arrow 2010/02/11
Environment Policy Statement RoHS.....
New Products
AM800600L   10.4"
AM480800A1   4.3"
AM800480AC   6.5"
AM1024600E   7"
AM1024768J   8"
AM1280800J3   10.1"
AM1024600L Series
AM1024600L Series   10.1"
AM800600T   12.1"
AM1024768Q   15.4"
AM800480AC   6.5"
AM1024600E   7"
AM1024600G Series
AM1024600G Series   7"
AM1024768J   8"
AM1280800G   10.1"
AM1024600L Series
AM1024600L Series   10.1"
AM800600R   12.1"
AM1024768H1   15.4"
It is the latest display technology that uses Organic Light-Emitting Diode as the source of color and as well as light. It delivers sharp images and superior contrast. Because of its unique native structure, it is thinner than any other types of display. Ampire also provides all of its board solutions to all the AMOLED products. more
It is the most mature and modern display technology that is widely adapted in all kinds of application. Ampire works with all the reliable LCD glass suppliers to provide good quality products with long term supply. We can offer all kinds of customized features, such as special glass treatments, brightness enhancements or interface redefinition, etc. Along with all kinds of board solutions, Ampire is able to deliver a good variety of TFT displays that best fits your needs. more
STN displays are the fundamental LCD products which Ampire has been sharpening its expertise in the past 18 years. Other than its standard models, Ampire offers complete STN solutions up to full customizations of characters and graphic displays. We can assist you to turn your concepts into the actual products by doing things right at the first time. more
This stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. It is a simple system device that translates data between serial and parallel forms. The end users are able to Control high performance TFT displays and create high level GUI from a low-end system. Ampire Offers an UART solution with built-in memory up to 1GB to store images, command libraries and / or texts.more
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